Museo Nacional de Historia

Polanco & Bosque de Chapultepec

Historical exhibits chronicle the period from the rise of colonial Nueva España to the Mexican Revolution. On display are iconic objects such as the sword wielded by José María Morelos in the Siege of Cuautla and the Virgin of Guadalupe banner borne by Miguel Hidalgo in his march for independence. In addition, the museum, housed in the Castillo de Chapultepec, features a number of dramatic interpretations of Mexican history by leading muralists, including Juan O’Gorman’s panoramic Retablo de la Independencia (Panel of Independence).

Explanatory signs in Spanish only.

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1. Castillo de Chapultepec

0.01 MILES

A visible reminder of Mexico’s bygone aristocracy, the ‘castle’ that stands atop Chapultepec Hill was begun in 1785 but not completed until after…

2. Audiorama

0.11 MILES

Audiorama is a small circular outdoor space enclosed in the greenery of Chapultepec, sometimes used for intimate classical music performances. It is…

3. Tribuna Monumental de las Águilas

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This 'Fallen Eagle Monument,' known also as 'el Tribuna Monumental,' is an obelisk dedicated to fallen Mexican soldiers who joined the Allies in the…

4. Monumento a Los Niños Héroes

0.18 MILES

The six marble columns marking Chapultepec park's eastern entrance commemorate the ‘boy heroes,’ six young cadets who perished in battle. On September 13,…

5. 1a Sección

0.19 MILES

Most of the major attractions of Bosque de Chapultepec are in or near this eastern (and oldest) section, including the Museo Nacional de Historia,…

6. Jardín Botánico

0.22 MILES

Highlighting Mexico’s plant diversity, this 4-hectare complex in Chapultepec is divided into sections that reflect the country’s varied climatic zones…

7. Museo de Arte Moderno

0.22 MILES

The collection here exhibits work by noteworthy 20th-century and contemporary Mexican artists, including canvases by Dr Atl, Rivera, Siqueiros, Orozco,…