Parque México


The ideal place to start your Condesa explorations is at its heart in the buzzing greenery of Parque México, attracting professional dog walkers, dancers practicing their moves, lovers whispering on the benches, and families in the children's play area.

The oval shape reflects its earlier use as a horse-racing track. Two blocks northwest is Parque España, which has another kid zone.

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Nearby Condesa attractions

1. Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa

0.55 MILES

The converted art storehouse of historian and bibliophile Guillermo Tovar de Teresa opened its doors in 2018 as a sumptuous museum of the Museo Soumaya…

2. MUCA Roma

0.62 MILES

Sponsored by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), this small university museum exhibits Mexican and international contemporary art with…

3. Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm

0.76 MILES

This cultural complex contains a gallery for contemporary Mexican painting and photography as well as an excellent art library.

4. Torre BBVA Bancomer

0.85 MILES

Across from the Torre Mayor is the Torre BBVA Bancomer, a bank's 50-story skyscraper that became Mexico's tallest building upon its completion in 2015,…

5. Museo del Objeto del Objeto

0.86 MILES

Packing a collection of nearly 100,000 pieces, some as old as the Mexican War of Independence (1810), this two-story design museum tells unique versions…

6. Estela de Luz

0.88 MILES

Opposite Torre Mayor, the 104m-high Estela de Luz was built to commemorate Mexico's bicentennial anniversary in 2010, though due to delays in construction…

7. Centro de Cultura Digital

0.88 MILES

In the Estela de Luz basement you'll find this cultural center with temporary expositions, of hit-and-miss interest, focusing on digital technology. Areas…

8. La Diana Cazadora

0.91 MILES

Commonly known as La Diana Cazadora (Diana the Hunter), this 1942 bronze nude sculpture atop a fountain is actually meant to represent the Archer of the…