Torre Latinoamericana

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in Centro Histórico
Laura Bronner
Laura Bronner

The Torre Latinoamericana was Latin America’s tallest building when constructed in 1956, and remains the dominant focal point of Centro Histórico. It's an iconic part of the Mexico City skyline and a convenient way to sense check you're going in the right direction when downtown. 


Thanks to the deep-seated pylons that anchor the building, the Torre has withstood several major earthquakes, including those of 1985 and 2017. Views from the 44th-floor observation deck and the 41st-floor lounge bar are spectacular, smog permitting. You can really get a sense of the sheer scale of the city in a way that's not possible at ground level.

Tickets and information

Entry is M$170 for adults and M$100 for kids. You're free to leave and return the same day – useful to get views both by day and, perhaps more spectacular, night. Admission includes access to an on-site museum that chronicles Mexico City's history. Admission is free if you're just visiting the bar (apart from the price of a drink!). There's a separate elevator for the bar, so it's a good option if the queue for the viewing platform is busy.