Anse Mitan


The main beach in Trois-Îlets is a gorgeous stretch of white sand that shelves gradually into a turquoise sea. The views are of Fort-de-France and the shuttle boats racing to get sunseekers across the bay – it drops them off at a jetty on the beach. A few eateries back the beach and there are more in the streets behind. Anse Mitan attracts holidaying families.

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Nearby Martinique attractions

1. Musée de la Pagerie

1.48 MILES

This former sugar estate was the birthplace of Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, the future Empress Josephine of France. A picturesque stone…

2. Maison de la Canne

2.45 MILES

This slightly aging museum occupies the site of a sugar refinery and rum distillery, and tells the sad story of the slave trade and the sugar business…

3. Anse Noire


If you're after an intimate, secluded strip of sand, head to lovely Anse Noire, which is reached by taking the side road to Anse Dufour and continuing…

4. Anse Dufour

2.97 MILES

Approximately halfway between Anse Mitan and Grande Anse, a secondary road peels off the D7 and plunges (literally) straight to Anse Dufour 2km below. You…

5. Fort St-Louis


The hulking fortress that gave the city its name lies on the far side of La Savane and dates from 1640, although most of what stands today is the result…

6. Plage La Française

3.51 MILES

This tiny but clean beach in front of the Fort St-Louis is a popular place to cool off right in the middle of Fort-de-France. Nearby is a playground…

7. La Savane

3.64 MILES

This rectangular park at the heart of Fort-de-France was created when a mangrove swamp was drained after the city became the capital. As well as a…