Annah Rais Longhouse


Around 55km south of Kuching, this Bidayuh village is a popular option for travellers to Sarawak to explore longhouse life. Day trips are possible, but an overnight visit is recommended so that you can partake of a wider range of activities, including hiking, rafting, visiting hot springs and enjoying cultural performances.

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1. Longhouse Verandah

0.02 MILES

Once you've paid your entrance fee you’re free to explore Annah Rais’ three longhouses (Kupo Saba, Kupo Terekan and, across the river, Kupo Sijo).

2. Headhouse

0.04 MILES

Whereas the Iban traditionally hung head-hunted heads outside each family’s bilik, the Bidayuh grouped theirs together in the community’s panggah or baruk…

3. Longhouse

10.72 MILES

In the barok (ritual hall) of this 32-door longhouse you can see about a dozen head-hunted skulls, bone white but tinged with green, hanging from the…

4. Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

17.26 MILES

One of the best places in the world to see semiwild orangutans in their natural rainforest habitat, swinging from trees and scurrying up vines, Semenggoh…

5. Fairy Cave

18.67 MILES

About 9km southwest of Bau, Fairy Cave – almost the size of a football pitch and as high as it is wide – is an extraordinary chamber whose entrance is 30m…

6. Wind Cave

20.07 MILES

Situated 5km southwest of Bau, Wind Cave is essentially a network of underground streams. Unlit boardwalks in the form of a figure eight run through the…

7. Serikin Weekend Market

21.83 MILES

Vendors from Kalimantan (Indonesia) cross the mountains on motorbikes to sell fruit, electronics, handicrafts, rattan furniture and clothes at this…

8. St Joseph's Cathedral

27.81 MILES

Built as a church in 1969 and granted cathedral status in 1976, this Roman Catholic cathedral is notable for its impressive belian (ironwood) roof.