Old Court House Complex

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The Old Court House was built in the late 19th century to serve as the city’s administrative centre. It now houses a cafe and bar, the excellent Ranee Museum and several venues for art and performance. There's usually something happening, but if not, just wander around and enjoy the peaceful verandahs. Kuching's main tourist information centre is also located here.

Out front, across the street from the Square Tower, stands the Brooke Memorial, erected in 1924 to honour Charles Brooke.

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1. Ranee Museum

0.01 MILES

Opened in 2018, this excellent museum focuses on the colourful and exciting times of Ranee Margaret of Sarawak. Born Margaret Alice Lili de Windt in Paris…

3. Square Tower

0.04 MILES

Along with Fort Margherita, the Square Tower, built in 1879, once guarded the river against marauders. Over the past century the structure – still…

4. Darul Hana Bridge

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Linking the northern and southern parts of Kuching, the city's spectacular pedestrian bridge (335m) is constructed to resemble the letter 'S' (for Sarawak…

5. Harmony Arch

0.08 MILES

An ornate arch that marks the official entrance to Kuching's Chinatown district.

6. Sarawak Textile Museum

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Housed in a ‘colonial Baroque’–style building constructed in 1909, this museum displays some superb examples of traditional Sarawakian textiles, including…

7. Indian Mosque

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Turn off Jln India (between No 37 and No 39A) or waterfront Jln Gambier (between No 24 and No 25A) onto tiny Indian Mosque Lane (Lg Sempit) and you enter…

8. Hiang Thian Siang Temple

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This temple, rebuilt shortly after the fire of 1884, serves the Teochew congregation as a shrine to Shang Di (the Emperor of Heaven). On the 15th day of…