Fort Margherita

Top choice in Kuching

Built by Charles Brooke in 1879 and named after his wife, Ranee Margaret, this hilltop fortress long protected Kuching against surprise attack by pirates. Inside, the Brooke Gallery illustrates the remarkable story of the white rajas of Sarawak with fascinating artefacts and story boards. To get here take a tambang (RM1) from the Waterfront Promenade to Kampung Boyan and then follow the signs up through the derelict school for 500m. A new stairway and tambang wharf west of the fort should open in 2020.

You can also explore the ramparts for excellent views of the Kuching waterfront. Combined admission (RM30) is available when visiting both the Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita and the Ranee Museum; this saves RM10.

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