St Joseph's Cathedral


Built as a church in 1969 and granted cathedral status in 1976, this Roman Catholic cathedral is notable for its impressive belian (ironwood) roof.

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Nearby Kuching attractions

1. Museum Garden

0.13 MILES

The landscaped Museum Garden stretches south from the hill, leading past flowers and fountains to a white-and-gold column called the Heroes’ Monument.

2. Heroes' Monument

0.14 MILES

Commemorates those who died defending Sarawak in various military conflicts, including WWII.

3. Sarawak Museum


Closed at the time of writing and scheduled to reopen in mid-2020 after extensive conservation work, the Sarawak Museum was established in 1891 by Charles…

4. Art Museum

0.23 MILES

Closed at the time of writing and scheduled to reopen in mid-2020. This museum featured an exhibit called Urang Sarawak, which deftly and succinctly…

5. Natural History Museum

0.24 MILES

This building, built in 1908 and adorned with Rajah Brooke's birdwing butterfly, so named by famous naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, is currently being…

6. Islamic Heritage Museum

0.25 MILES

Offers a pretty good introduction to Malay-Muslim culture and its long ties with the Muslim heartland far to the west. Displays range from Bornean-Malay…

7. Sarawak Museum Campus

0.26 MILES

Scheduled to open in mid-2020, the modern and innovative Sarawak Museum Campus incorporates several floors of interactive and hands-on exhibitions…

8. Kapok Tree

0.34 MILES

Huge and ancient tree on Padang Merdeka (Independence Sq).