Bukit Tambun


This attractive village is worth a look before or after a trip to the nearby island of Pulau Aman. The shophouses along the main street are painted with rainbow colours and murals, including images of Bruce Lee, Mr Bean, Woody from Toy Story and portraits of local shopkeepers. Look also for the grand but now ruined Chinese mansion near several places serving mee udang (prawn noodle soup).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Penang attractions

1. Sam Poh Footprint Temple

11.05 MILES

This small seaside temple overlooking fishing boats and the second Penang bridge has a shrine dedicated to the legendary Admiral Zheng He. Also known as…

2. Penang War Museum

11.22 MILES

Perched on top of the steep Bukit Batu Maung hill, this former British fort, built in the 1930s, was used as a prison and torture camp by the Japanese…

4. Chew Jetty

12.28 MILES

The largest and most intact of the clan jetties, Chew Jetty consists of 75 elevated houses, several Chinese temples, a community hall and lots of tourist…

5. Lee Jetty

12.32 MILES

Perhaps the most appealing clan jetty, with a new row of wooden homes and businesses owned by members of one extended family.

6. Art Lane

12.45 MILES

This 2018 addition to George Town's ever-growing collection of public artworks is a gallery crafted from two vacant pre-WWII shophouses. Artworks run the…

7. Lim Kongsi

12.47 MILES

Set up in 1860, this Clanhouse is also known as Kew Leong Tong, which means Hall of Nine Dragons. The association is open to anyone with the surname Lim,…

8. Kids on a Bicycle Mural

12.47 MILES

This 2012 work by Ernest Zacharevic is the most famous of George Town's street-art pieces. It features a real bicycle attached to a wall, on which the two…