Kompleks Perdadanan Putrajaya


The front of this corporate building has an unusual arch gateway composed of a lattice of steel blades. Through the arch sight lines you can see the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque across what is known as the Kiblat Walk, a plaza atop a skyway to the mosque.

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1. Istana Kehakiman

0.11 MILES

One of the most impressive photo ops in Putrajaya is the five-storey Palace of Justice. Its central domes and tall archways represent a union of styles,…

2. Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque

0.24 MILES

One of the most striking sights in Putrajaya is metal-domed Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque glinting in the sun. It's Putrajaya's second-most important…

4. China-Malaysia Friendship Garden

0.62 MILES

It's worth dropping by this peaceful Chinese-style garden, located next to the Seri Saujana Bridge. The design of the garden incorporates elements of…

5. Seri Wawasan Bridge

0.65 MILES

A vast arc of polished steel, this futuristic cable-stayed bridge joins Presint 2 and 8. It offers a marvellous vantage point towards Putra Mosque.

6. Putra Bridge

1.05 MILES

The longest bridge in Putrajaya, at 435m, Putra Bridge's latticework and minaret-style pillars mimic the design of the Khaju Bridge in Esfahan, Iran.

7. Putra Mosque

1.24 MILES

An apparition in rosy-pink granite, Masjid Putra has a captivating delicacy of design. Capped by an ornate pink-and-white dome and starring a 116m minaret…

8. Putrajaya Convention Centre

1.72 MILES

Resembling a flattened alien spaceship, the brutalist-style Putrajaya Convention Centre squats at the southern end of Persiaran Perdana. You'll need…