National Museum

Lake Gardens, Brickfields & Bangsar

This museum offers a good primer on Malaysia's history, from prehistoric to present day. The country's geological features and prehistory are tackled in one gallery (which features a replica of the 11,000-year-old Perak Man, Malaysia's most celebrated archaeological discovery). The gallery of modern history is even more interesting, with recreations of temple walls, royal beds and ceremonial garb from across the centuries.

Outside, look for a traditional raised house, ancient burial poles from Sarawak, a regularly changing exhibition (extra charge), and two excellent small side galleries, the Orang Asli Craft Museum and Museum of Malay World Ethnology.

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1. Museum of Malay World Ethnology

0.08 MILES

Contains displays on Malay musical instruments, games, textiles and metalwork, including an impressive gallery of beautifully engraved weapons.

2. Orang Asli Craft Museum


Drop into this interesting museum to view the gallery of wood carvings and masks produced by the Mah Meri, who live along the south coast of Selangor and…

3. National Planetarium


Part of the National Space Agency, the planetarium offers shows in the Space Theatre throughout the day. It has an observation deck (for looking at KL)…

4. Royal Malaysian Police Museum

0.24 MILES

One of KL's best small museums offers a fascinating history of Malaysia through the story of policing. Discover not just the uniforms that distinguished…

5. Memorial Tun Abdul Razak

0.29 MILES

The house where Tun Abdul Razak lived while serving as Malaysia's second prime minister has been turned into a memorial museum displaying his personal…

6. KL Bird Park


More than 3000 birds flutter and soar through this 21-hectare aviary. Some 200 species of (mostly) Asian birds can be spotted here, from strutting…

7. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

0.31 MILES

Inhabiting a building that's nearly as impressive as its collection, this museum showcases Islamic decorative arts from around the globe. Scale models of…

8. Church of the Holy Rosary

0.34 MILES

Cut off from the bulk of Brickfields by the highway Jln Damansara, this Catholic church built in 1903 is worth a look for its French Gothic Revival style…