The cartoonist known as Lat (his real name is Mohammad Nor Khalid) is a beloved figure in the Malaysian media. Fun, life-size sculptures based on his humorous characters depicting Malaysian society are dotted along the trail from Jln Melaka to the KL Forest Eco Park on Raja Chulan.

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1. Chettiar House

0.08 MILES

The traditional glazed ceramic tiles and peacock designs decorating this house are typical of the homes built by the Chettiar community from southern…

2. Sampan Boy Mural

0.09 MILES

Covering the side of a building and overlooking a parking lot, the subject of star Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic's first contribution to KL's…

3. Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad


This graceful, onion-domed mosque, designed by British architect AB Hubback, borrows Mogul and Moorish styles with its brick-and-plaster banded minarets…

4. Masjid India

0.14 MILES

The original wooden mosque that gave the area its name was built in 1883, and replaced by a bulky red-granite tiled modern structure in 1963. It's not…

5. St John's Cathedral

0.16 MILES

This twin-spired structure (established 1883) is the 'mother church' of the Catholic religion in KL. The church was elevated to cathedral status in 1962.

6. Medan Pasar

0.18 MILES

Pedestrianised Medan Pasar was once the heart of Chinatown. Kapitan Yap Ah Loy, often cited as one of KL's founders, lived here, and in addition to…

7. Sultan Abdul Samad Building

0.18 MILES

Seizing attention with its 41m clock tower, coppery domes and lacy arches, this was the first public building in Malaysia designed in the Mogul (or Indo…

8. Telekom Museum

0.18 MILES

Housed in the beautifully renovated former telephone exchange building, this interesting museum has creatively designed displays on the history of…