Telekom Museum

Chinatown, Merdeka Square & Bukit Nanas

Housed in the beautifully renovated former telephone exchange building, this interesting museum has creatively designed displays on the history of communications in Malaysia, from the earliest stone carvings through the use of messenger elephants and carrier pigeons to the latest digital technology. Highlights include a section of the original switchboard from the 1920s with wires that had to be manually connected and photographs of the glamorous telephone operators of the 1950s who competed in the Miss Golden Voice contest.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Chinatown, Merdeka Square & Bukit Nanas attractions

1. BRAVE Mural

0.02 MILES

Next to the Menara Maybank Building is this massive wall mural of a boy in tiger hat, by artists Anokayer and Yumz.

2. St John's Cathedral

0.06 MILES

This twin-spired structure (established 1883) is the 'mother church' of the Catholic religion in KL. The church was elevated to cathedral status in 1962.

3. Sampan Boy Mural


Covering the side of a building and overlooking a parking lot, the subject of star Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic's first contribution to KL's…

4. Chettiar House


The traditional glazed ceramic tiles and peacock designs decorating this house are typical of the homes built by the Chettiar community from southern…

5. Court Hill Ganesh Temple

0.17 MILES

There's always a lively scene outside this small temple dedicated to the elephant-headed god Ganesh, as worshippers buy garlands, light ghee candles and…

6. Lat Cartoon Sculptures

0.18 MILES

The cartoonist known as Lat (his real name is Mohammad Nor Khalid) is a beloved figure in the Malaysian media. Fun, life-size sculptures based on his…

7. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

0.19 MILES

This attractive church has stood here since 1918. It has English-language services at 8.30am and 11am every Sunday. Silvered leaf monkeys sometimes hang…

8. KL Forest Eco Park

0.23 MILES

KL's urban roar is replaced by buzzing insects and cackling birdlife at this forest of tropical hardwoods, covering 9.37 hectares in the heart of the city…