Ruang Pemula

Kuala Lumpur

Pakhruddin Sulaiman and his wife, Fatimah, have been amassing one of Malaysia's top private art collections since around 1996, when they bought two major works, Brothers and Does History Change?, in the first solo exhibition of Bayu Utomo Radjikin. These works by the now-prominent contemporary Malaysian artist are among hundreds displayed and stored in the must-see private gallery nicknamed RuPé and meaning 'beginner's space'. Call to arrange a time to visit and get directions from Ampang LRT station.

Other established and up-and-coming artists with works here include many from the art collective Matahati, Fuad Osman, Shukri Mohammed, Amron Omar and Fadilah Karim. Figurative forged-metal sculptures by Raja Shahriman that are a cross between ancient Malay warriors and manga robots, are dotted among the gallery spaces, which are arranged to resemble living rooms, with designer chairs and Pakhruddin's extensive art and design library.

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