Jebel Haroun

This strenuous self-guided hike (about six hours return) via Snake Monument starts from Qasr Al Bint. Jebel Haroun (1350m) is thought to be the biblical Mt Hor – the burial site of Moses’ brother Aaron; a white shrine built in the 14th century marks the site.

Some people (Muslims as well as Christians) consider the shrine as a place of pilgrimage. For many, however, the big drawcard of Jebel Haroun is the superb panoramic view from the top.

It's possible to hire a guide with a donkey or even a camel for the trip, but if you’re reasonably fit and not fazed by working out your own route from the network of goat tracks that head in the general direction, then this really isn’t necessary.

The trail to Jebel Haroun starts at Pharaun Column, and follows the dirt road past Bedouin settlements to Snake Monument, a curled stone that resembles a snake on a rock pedestal. Continue to the southwest towards the obvious white shrine (which looks deceptively close); the trail is not as steep as it looks. At the bottom of the mountain, find the caretaker if you want to enter the shrine.