Complex 665

Roppongi, Akasaka & Around

This three-storey building tucked on a backstreet near Roppongi Hills, is the shared location of three leading commercial galleries: Taka Ishii (, ShugoArts ( and Tomio Koyama Gallery ( Exhibitions cover a broad spectrum of Japanese contemporary art. Note that the galleries are closed in between exhibitions, and don't always coordinate show dates.

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1. Piramide

0.03 MILES

This is really a small mall, but many of the tenants are art galleries, including: Ota Fine Arts (, Wako Works of Art (…

2. Mohri Garden

0.08 MILES

Mohri Garden is an Edo-style strolling garden, on the grounds of the Roppongi Hills mall, complete with meandering paths and a central pond. When…

3. Maman Spider Sculpture

0.11 MILES

The most famous piece of public art scattered around Roppongi Hills is this 30ft-tall bronze spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois. It's one of six…

4. Tokyo City View

0.14 MILES

From this 250m-high vantage point, on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower, you can see 360-degree views of the seemingly never-ending city. Admission is included…

5. Mori Art Museum

0.15 MILES

Mori Art Museum is one of Tokyo's leading spaces for contemporary art, taking up a whole floor at the top of Mori Tower. It has no permanent exhibition;…

6. Roppongi Hills

0.18 MILES

Roppongi Hills sets the standard for 21st-century real-estate developments in Tokyo. The centrepiece of the office, shopping, dining and entertainment…

7. Sakurazaka-kōen

0.26 MILES

South Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa designed the dazzingly colourful robot-themed sculptures and play areas in this kids' park that's part of the Roppongi…

8. Fujifilm Square

0.28 MILES

This small gallery on the ground floor of the Tokyo Midtown West Tower is a fascinating look at the history of cameras, from 18th-century camera obscuras…