Dunn’s River Falls

Waterfall in Ocho Rios

Image by Holger Leue Getty Images

These famous falls, 3km west of town, are Jamaica’s top-grossing tourist attraction. Great throngs of people can sometimes make it seem more like a theme park than a natural wonder, but this doesn’t make the climb up the falls any less exhilarating. You clamber up great tiers of limestone that step down 180m in a series of beautiful cascades and pools. The water is refreshingly cool, with everything shaded by tall rainforest.

Guides can help with the climb (tip expected), but aren’t strictly necessary; although the current is strong in places, the ascent is easily achieved by most able-bodied people. Swimwear is essential. There are changing rooms, and you can rent lockers (J$500) and buy jelly shoes from vendors.

The park also includes food stalls and a restaurant, a kids' playground, and a hard-selling craft market.

Try to visit when the cruise ships aren’t in dock, and ideally when the gates open in the morning. Route taxis (J$100) from Ocho Rios to St Ann’s Bay can drop you at the entrance.