Island Village Beach

Ocho Rios

The compact Island Village Beach, located at the west end of Main St, is a peaceful small beach with lockers, towels, beach chairs and umbrellas for hire. Also on offer is a complete range of water sports. On cruiseship days there are so many people you can barely see the sand.

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1. Bob Marley Statue


In 1981 the Jamaican government commissioned expressionist sculptor Christopher Gonzáles to create a memorial to Bob Marley for Kingston's Celebrity Park…

2. Fishermen’s Beach


Immediately west of Island Village Beach is the tiny public Fishermen’s Beach, with colorful fishing boats and several eateries serving fresh fish and…

3. Shaw Park Gardens

0.27 MILES

This park is a tropical fantasia of ferns and bromeliads, palms and exotic shrubs, spread out over 11 hectares centered on an old great house (once a…

4. Ocho Rios Bay Beach

0.27 MILES

The main beach of Ocho Rios, popular with tourists, is the long fenced-off crescent known variously as Turtle Beach and Ocho Rios Bay, stretching east…

5. Turtle River Park

0.33 MILES

This park is a pleasant place for a gentle stroll, with well-tended flower beds and shrubs. There are, alas, no turtles in the small stream running…

6. Konoko Falls & Botanic Garden

0.44 MILES

This beautiful botanic garden has walkways and trails leading past pools and streams, and feeders buzzing with hummingbirds – a lovely quiet escape from…

7. Clock Tower

0.54 MILES

The center of Ocho Rios is marked by this old clock tower near the market and transportation center. The streets around here are lively at any time of day…

8. Mahogany Beach

0.98 MILES

The small and charming Mahogany Beach is particularly popular with locals; it comes to life on weekends with loud music, smells of jerk cooking and…