Reggae Falls

Kingston, Blue Mountains & the Southeast Coast

These artificial falls, created by the Hillside Dam, make an attractive swimming hole. Drive from Morant Bay through Seafort to get here, then walk along the river by the Morant River bridge. It's great with a group of friends, but better not to visit alone as it's a long way from anywhere.

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Nearby Kingston, Blue Mountains & the Southeast Coast attractions

1. Courthouse

7.76 MILES

Port Morant’s courthouse was rebuilt in limestone and red brick after being destroyed in the 1865 rebellion and burned down again in early 2007. Its ruins…

2. Nanny's Grave

8.29 MILES

Moore Town’s main site of interest is Nanny's Grave (also known as Bump Grave), at the southern, uppermost end of town. A tall stone marker commemorates…

3. Blue Mountain Peak

8.37 MILES

Highest of the highlights, Blue Mountain Peak reaches 2256m above sea level, and no visit to the area should neglect a predawn hike to its summit for a…

4. Nanny Falls

8.81 MILES

The idyllic waterfall and swimming hole of Nanny Falls is a 30-minute walk uphill from the end of Moore Town, passing under huge ferns, Jamaican apple…

5. Bath Botanical Garden

8.83 MILES

At the east end of town there is an old limestone church marking the entrance to a charming, if sometimes under-tended, botanic garden established in 1779…

6. Blue Mountains-John Crow National Park

9.13 MILES

The Blue Mountains-John Crow National Park protects 782 sq km and is managed by the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust. The park includes the forest…

7. Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

12.57 MILES

Established in 1923 and located 1km southwest of Mavis Bank, this is the largest coffee factory in Jamaica, producing Blue Mountain coffee sold under the…

8. Reach Falls

12.88 MILES

Even in a country that abounds in waterfalls, Reach Falls stands out as one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica. The white rushing cascades are…