Idyllic surroundings - Blue Lagoon, Grand Cayman.

Blue Lagoon

Top choice in Ocho Rios, Port Antonio & the North Coast

The waters that launched Brooke Shields’ movie career are by any measure one of the most beautiful spots in Jamaica. The 180ft-deep (55m) “Blue Hole” (as it is known locally) opens to the sea through a narrow funnel, but is fed by freshwater springs that come in at a depth of about 131ft (40m). As a result, the water changes color through every shade of jade and emerald during the day, thanks to cold freshwater that blankets the warm mass of seawater lurking below.

The seemingly bottomless pool of turquoise water is nestled in a protected cove and surrounded by forested cliffs.

Jamaica, Port Antonio, blue lagoon
Blue Lagoon is a definite bucket-list trip in Jamaica © Westend61/Getty Images

How to get to the Blue Lagoon

From Port Antonio, it's about a 17-minute drive on Fair Prospect Rd to Folly Rd with a turn off at Blue Hole Road. Park at the beach. Since this area is public land, there is no entrance fee. 

You can swim at the entrance to the lagoon, or take a boat tour (around US$30) on a short ride past some glitzy seafront villas to nearby Cocktail Beach (where parts of the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail were filmed) and rustic Monkey Island.

Note that if it's been raining heavily, runoff water from the hills turns the lagoon a murky green.

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