Isola Polvese

Lago Trasimeno

This island, accessible by ferry from San Feliciano, is a delight – not so much for its sights, of which there aren't many, but for its glorious unspoiled countryside and soothing silence. From the ferry docking area, where the Centro di Educazione Ambientale di Isola Polvese ( has its base and runs environmental workshops and group tours, several paths lead across the island, providing easy-going walking and fine views.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Lago Trasimeno attractions

1. Palazzo della Corgna

4.51 MILES

Crowning Castiglione del Lago's hilltop centre, this 16th-century ducal palace boasts a series of impressive frescoes by Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli…

2. Isola Maggiore

4.87 MILES

The only of Lago Trasimeno's islands with a permanent, albeit tiny, population, Isola Maggiore was reputedly a favourite with St Francis, who spent time…

3. Casa del Cioccolato Perugina

10.01 MILES

To visit the Wonka-esque world of Perugian chocolate, sign up for a 1¼-hour guided tour (in Italian or English, times vary) of the House of Chocolate…

4. Museo Archeologico Etrusco di Chiusi

11.91 MILES

Small but outstanding, Chuisi's Etruscan museum boasts a bevy of ceramics, pottery, jewellery and cinerary urns (for cremation ashes) dating from between…

5. Museo Civico 'La Città Sotterranea'

11.92 MILES

Subterranean passages filled with the city museum's collection of monumental inscriptions (mainly urns and grave tiles) can be accessed on guided visits.

7. Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

12.32 MILES

Also known as the Chiesa or Tempio di Sant'Angelo, this 5th-century Romanesque church is one of the oldest in Italy (and the most appealing in Perugia)…

8. Rocca Paolina

12.47 MILES

Commissioned by Pope Paolo III in the 1540s, this fortress wiped out entire sections of a formerly wealthy neighbourhood. Its insides have long since been…