Museo Archeologico Etrusco di Chiusi

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Small but outstanding, Chuisi's Etruscan museum boasts a bevy of ceramics, pottery, jewellery and cinerary urns (for cremation ashes) dating from between the 9th and 2nd centuries BC. Don't miss the extraordinary pietra fetida (sulphur stone) funerary sphinx and bust of a grieving woman, both of which date from the 6th century BC, or the 7th-century-BC canopic urn from Dociano, with its bronze body and terracotta head.

The ticket price of this museum includes entry to two Etruscan tombs – La Tomba della Pellegrina and La Tomba del Leone – in the nearby countryside (11am to 2.30pm). Free shuttle buses travel to the tombs from the museum between April and September.

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