Rock Drawings in the Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri di Naquane, Capo di Ponte, Italy.

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Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri

Central Lombardy

About halfway between Darfo and Edolo, the Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri is a 30-hectare open-air museum containing rock engravings that date back as far as the Bronze Age. Colour-coded paths loop through chestnut woods revealing an intriguing array of imagery, including antlered god figures, deer, weaponry, huntsmen on horseback, Latin inscriptions, enigmatic shovel shapes, ploughing scenes, and duelling warriors all etched onto rock slabs.

Especially rich is Rock No 1 (aka Roccia Grande), upon which is carved a small labyrinth, among many other fascinating engravings.

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