Museo Ebraico di Roma

Centro Storico

The historical, cultural and artistic heritage of Rome’s Jewish community is chronicled in this small but engrossing museum. Housed in a building attached to the city's early-20th-century synagogue, it displays parchments, precious fabrics, marble carvings, and a collection of 17th- and 18th-century silverware. Documents and photos attest to life in the Ghetto and the hardships suffered by the city's Jewish people during WWII. Admission also includes a guided tour of the synagogue, whose distinctive square dome towers over the neighbourhood.

To learn more about the Jewish Ghetto, the museum runs one daily English-language tour of the neighbourhood at 1.30pm (adult/reduced €8/5; about 45 minutes), bookable at the ticket office. Note that the tours require a three-person minimum attendance for these prices to apply.

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