Castello di Conegliano

The Veneto

Head up steep Calle Madonna della Neve, following an intact section of 13th-century defensive walls all the way to a summit, where the last remaining tower of Conegliano's 10th-century castle dominates an attractive set of gardens. The tower is home to a small museum (adult/reduced €2.50/1.50), but the real joy here is the views across the surrounding hills. It's also a superb place to unfurl the picnic blanket, or to spend a sleepy afternoon in the company of a good book.

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1. Scuola dei Battuti

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The eye-catching Scuola dei Battuti is covered inside and out with 16th-century frescoes by Ludovico Pozzoserrato. The building was once home to a…

2. Duomo

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Conegliano's Duomo would be wholly unremarkable were it not for some early works by Veneto artists. The most notable is a 1492–93 altarpiece by local…

3. Il Complesso di Santa Caterina

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When Treviso-born Nando Salce donated his collection of Italian advertising posters to the Italian state in 1962, he established a unique Italian graphic…