Piazza San Benedetto

Piazza in Norcia & the Valnerina

On the centrepiece Piazza San Benedetto, a statue of Norcia's famous son, St Benedict, with hand outstretched in blessing, stands proud. The saint and his twin sister, St Scholastica, were born here to a well-to-do family in 480 AD. Next to the ruins of the Basilica di San Benedetto is the 14th-century Palazzo Comunale – intact, but not without 2016 earthquake damage – with a striking portico and belfry, while opposite lies the Castellina, a 16th-century papal fortress that now houses a museum (currently closed).

An temporary wooden bell tower and cross has been erected in the square post-earthquake, to house the bell from nearby Santa Maria Argentea (another destroyed Norcia church).