Piazza del Popolo

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This harmonious piazza has been Ascoli's salotto (drawing room) since Roman times. The elegant rectangular space is flanked by the Chiesa di San Francesco and, on the west, the 13th-century Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo. The 'Captain's Palace' served as the seat of the city's Pontifical Governors for centuries and today houses municipal offices and temporary art exhibitions. The statue of Pope Paul III above the main entrance was erected in recognition of his efforts to bring peace to the town.

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1. Chiesa di San Francesco

0.04 MILES

This monumental church, its southern flank edging onto Piazza del Popolo, is named after St Francis, who is said to have visited Ascoli in 1215. It was…

2. Pinacoteca

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Set around a tree-shaded courtyard, the second-largest art gallery in Le Marche sits inside the 17th-century Palazzo Comunale. The palace's aristocratic…

3. Museo Archeologico

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4. Battistero

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Next to the Cattedrale on Piazza Arringo, the Romanesque-style octagonal battistero (baptistry) has remained unchanged since it was reconstructed in the…

5. Cattedrale di Sant'Emidio

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7. Chiesa di San Pietro Martire

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The 14th-century Chiesa di San Pietro Martire is dedicated to St Peter of Verona, the 13th-century saint who founded the Dominican community at Ascoli…

8. Museo dell'Arte Ceramica

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The Museo dell'Arte Ceramica traces the development of ceramic production in Ascoli and displays works from Italy's famous pottery towns, including Deruta…