Lingdum Gompa


Layered amid peaceful forests, Lingdum Gompa is arguably the most photogenic monastery in the Gangtok area. Its centrepiece is a large, attractive quadrangle leading to a five-storey main prayer hall. Inside, the central gilded-metal statue of Sakyamuni Buddha is flanked by Guru Rinpoche and the 16th Karmapa, plus a library of wrapped scriptures. The tastefully colourful centrepiece dates from 1999 and beside it is a large, new monastic university.

The monastery is 1.5km from Ranka, to which shared taxis (₹40, 40 minutes) leave when full from the PS Rd taxi stand near Gangtok GPO. The attractive if muddy Lingdum–Rumtek lane (14km via Rey) passes through several places linked with Lepcha history and is undergoing improvements.

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