Mandi Gate


One of the Old Town's many pols (gates).

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Nearby Rajasthan attractions

1. Khedwal Bhavan

0.28 MILES

The still-inhabited Khedwal Bhavan features beautiful mirrorwork above the entrance to the inner courtyard, and fine blue tilework. A locomotive is…

2. Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli

0.28 MILES

This haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) is empty and locked, but the key is kept at the Koolwal Kothi hotel opposite and you may be…

3. Morarka Uattara Haveli

0.34 MILES

A haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) owned by the Morarka family, with some fine paintings, including miniatures above the entrance…

4. Aath Havelis

0.39 MILES

To the southwest of Bala Qila Fort is a group of six havelis (traditional, ornately decorated residences), known as the Aath Havelis, erected around 1900…

6. Geevrajka Haveli

0.45 MILES

Look for Hindu deities painted on the ceiling of the entrance vestibule.

7. Hira Lal Sarawgi Haveli

0.48 MILES

To the southwest of Bala Qila Fort, this haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) is famous for its different representations of cars. Other…