Margao (also known as Madgaon) is the capital of South Goa, a busy – at times traffic-clogged – market town of a manageable size for getting things done. As the major transport hub of the south, lots of travelers pass through Margao’s train station or Kadamba bus stand; fewer choose to overnight here, but it’s a useful place for market shopping, catching a local sporting event or simply enjoying the busy energy of big-city India in small-town form.

Margao’s compact town centre ranges around the oblong Municipal Gardens, with shops, restaurants, ATMs and the covered market all within easy reach. To the north of town is the old Portuguese-colonial-influenced Largo de Igreja district; about half a mile (1km) further north is the main (Kadamba) bus station, and a mile (1.5km) southeast of the Municipal Garden is Margao’s train station.

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