Norbugang Park

Historic Site in Yuksom

Yuksom means ‘meeting place of the three lamas’, referring to the trio of Tibetan holy men who crowned the first chogyal of Sikkim at this historic site in 1641. Aflutter with prayer flags, the charming woodland garden contains a small temple, a huge prayer wheel, a chorten containing earth from each corner of Sikkim and the supposedly original four-seat Coronation Throne (Norbugang).

Standing beneath a vast cryptomeria pine, the stone throne looks something like an ancient Olympic podium – though curiously the chogyal's position is neither central nor highest. In front is a stone with low railings; raise the green-metal plate to see what the devout believe to be a footprint of the foremost lama, Lhatsun Chempo.

The park is 1.2km from the bazaar area, 600m off the main road turning near Kathok Lake, from which holy water was taken to anoint the chogyal at his coronation.