Said to be Sikkim’s oldest still-functioning monastery, this compact, peaceful gompa is beautifully set in tended gardens on the ridge above Yuksom, with dawn views of white peaks between high green folds of forested foothills. Part of the delight of a visit is walking there on a 1.2km footpath of steps and mossy stones, taking nearly an hour from Yuksom’s primary health centre (half that back). The path passes water-turned prayer wheels, trumpet lilies and some lovely mature forest.

The monastery was officially established in 1647 in honour of Lhatsun Chenpo. However, signs date the place to 1701, and what you actually see was almost entirely reconstructed after the 2011 earthquake. If you don't want to walk the whole way, driving 3km up the very rocky road from the Khanchengdznga National Park office towards Tsong gets you to within 400m.