Cella Septichora Visitors Centre


This Christian burial site illuminates a series of early Christian tombs that have been on Unesco's World Heritage list since 2000. The highlight is the so-called Jug Mausoleum, a 4th-century Roman tomb; its name comes from a painting of a large drinking vessel with vines.

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1. Early Christian Tomb Chapel

0.02 MILES

The early Christian tomb chapel, under renovation at research time, dates from about AD 350 and has frescoes of Adam and Eve and Daniel in the lion’s den…

2. Ferenc Martyn Museum

0.06 MILES

Displays works by the Pécs-born painter and sculptor (1899–1986) and has previously hosted temporary exhibitions by Chagall, Dalí and others.

3. Csontváry Museum

0.06 MILES

This museum shows the major works of master 19th-century symbolist painter Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry. Elements of postimpressionism and expressionism can…

4. Bishop’s Palace

0.06 MILES

The Bishop's Palace, dating to 1770, keeps very limited hours (access by tour), but have a look at the curious statue of Franz Liszt (Imre Varga; 1983)…

5. Roman Tomb Sites

0.07 MILES

These two Roman tomb sites contain 110 graves. The entire area – excavations have so far revealed 16 burial chambers and several hundred graves – is now a…

6. Basilica of St Peter

0.08 MILES

The foundations of the neo-Romanesque four-towered basilica dedicated to St Peter date from the 11th century and the side chapels are from the 1300s, but…

7. Barbican

0.14 MILES

Fronted by a lovely garden, the impressive circular barbican, the only stone bastion to survive in Pécs, dates from the late 15th century and was restored…

8. Victor Vasarely Museum

0.15 MILES

This museum exhibits the work of the father of op art, Victor Vasarely. Symmetrical, largely abstract pieces are exhibited with clever illuminations that…