Kyra Panagia Beach


Pines border this sandy gold beach with a smattering of sunbeds, 2km north of Atsitsa on the northwest coast, where you'll find excellent bar-restaurant Cook-Nara.

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Nearby Skyros attractions

1. Atsitsa Beach

1.54 MILES

A sheltered pebble-and-blonde-sand beach on the northwest coast, 1km southwest of Atsista village and fringed by pine-covered headlands.

2. Skyros Island Horse Trust

2.48 MILES

At the forefront of efforts to protect the endangered Skyrian horse, this inspiring ranch, 10km northwest of Skyros Town in Trachi, is the brainchild of…

3. Agios Petros Beach

2.52 MILES

Pines trickle down to a sandy goldish dune almost on the northern tip of the island at Agios Petros; you can feast on home-grown produce at Taverna Agios…

4. Palamari

3.31 MILES

At the northeast end of the island, the fascinating Palamari Bronze Age excavation dates from between 2500 BC and 1650 BC. Paths weave through what was…

5. Agios Fokas Beach


Framed by pine-spangled headlands, this quiet sweep of cream-coloured sand and pebble is perfect for swimming, with a seaside chapel and taverna. It's 6km…

6. Pefkos Beach

5.67 MILES

A beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach of golden-brown sand graces deep-set Pefkos Bay, a 6km drive northwest of Linaria and home to the popular Stamatia's…

7. Manos & Anastasia Faltaïts Museum

5.77 MILES

Spread across the Faltaïts family's 19th-century mansion, this not-to-be-missed gem unravels the island's mythology and folklore in a multilevel labyrinth…

8. Agia Triada

5.78 MILES

Following signs to the kastro through upper Skyros Town's maze of white streets, you'll come to this tiny candlelit chapel with fine ceiling frescoes.