Monastery of Agios Georgios


Founded in 962, the working Byzantine Monastery of St George (whose bells might wake you early if you're staying in town) crowns Skyros Town, within the lower walls of the Byzantine-Venetian fortress. You can visit its 17th-century chapel, which features an ornate gilded screen and faded 18th-century frescoes.

Follow 'Kastro' signs through the twisting whitewashed lanes of old Skyros Town to get here.

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1. Kastro

0.01 MILES

All the steep whitewashed alleys through Skyros Town's historic core eventually lead to the Byzantine-Venetian fortress, which has been closed for…

2. Agia Triada

0.05 MILES

Following signs to the kastro through upper Skyros Town's maze of white streets, you'll come to this tiny candlelit chapel with fine ceiling frescoes.

3. Archaeological Museum

0.17 MILES

Along with Mycenaean pottery and jewellery found near Magazia, vessels unearthed in Skyros Town and artefacts from the Bronze Age excavation at Palamari –…

4. Manos & Anastasia Faltaïts Museum


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5. Papa Ta Houma

0.22 MILES

Skinny-dippers can leave it all behind at this tan-toned nudist strand just beyond the southern end of Magazia.

6. Magazia Beach

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Magazia's lengthy brown-sand beach is the island's most popular, with clear water, a good few restaurants and beach bars, a smattering of sunbeds, and…

7. Molos Beach

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Blending into the northern end of Magazia, Molos' grey-brown sand-and-pebble beach stretches past a small harbour to a rugged headland (once a quarry),…

8. Agios Nikolaos


A huge rectangular free-standing rock forms the sacred space of Agios Nikolaos, at the northern end of Molos in what was a quarry in ancient times. A…