Roloi Clock Tower

Rhodes Town

Commanding the highest point in the Old Town, this sturdy clocktower offers a tremendous panorama. Dating originally from the 7th century, it was damaged by an explosion in 1856, and rebuilt with baroque elements by Fethi Pasha. Visitors climb 53 steep wooden steps to reach a low-ceilinged chamber with 360-degree views. The entrance fee includes a free drink in the pleasant terrace cafe below.

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1. Mosque of Süleyman

0.02 MILES

Rhodes' Old Town bears many legacies from its Ottoman past. Many churches were converted to mosques during the Turkish era, and even more Muslim houses of…

2. Muslim Library

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This peaceful little library, founded in 1793, sits in an inviting little garden courtyard opposite the Mosque of Süleyman. Visitors can only enter the…

4. Inn of Provence

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Four coats of arms on the Inn of Provence form the shape of a cross. After Rhodes fell to the Ottomans, the building became a hammam (Turkish bath), while…

5. Inn of Spain

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6. Old Town Walls

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Rhodes' Old Town is rare indeed in retaining its 500-year-old fortifications all but intact. On weekdays, visitors can grasp their sheer scale by walking…

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The innermost gate that leads into the Old Town near the palace, an impressive 200m walk in from the D’Amboise Gate. Italian troops entered Rhodes along…

8. Palace of the Grand Master


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