Great Hammam

Rhodes Town

Behind its plain exterior, this 500-year-old Ottoman bathhouse is spectacular, with a finely wrought star-pierced ceiling that allows light to radiate down upon bathers. Although it remained in use until recently, at the time of research it was closed to the public.

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1. Mustafa Mosque

0.02 MILES

This towering mosque, facing the Old Town's Great Hammam (Turkish baths), was completed in 1765.

2. Hora

0.05 MILES

The Old Town’s central commercial and residential district, south of the Street of the Knights, is known as the Hora. Having acquired its current…

4. Muslim Library

0.09 MILES

This peaceful little library, founded in 1793, sits in an inviting little garden courtyard opposite the Mosque of Süleyman. Visitors can only enter the…

5. Mosque of Süleyman

0.09 MILES

Rhodes' Old Town bears many legacies from its Ottoman past. Many churches were converted to mosques during the Turkish era, and even more Muslim houses of…

6. Roloi Clock Tower

0.12 MILES

Commanding the highest point in the Old Town, this sturdy clocktower offers a tremendous panorama. Dating originally from the 7th century, it was damaged…

7. Inn of Spain

0.16 MILES

Halfway up the Street of the Knights, the Inn of Spain is the largest inn of all. Its two connected wings were built under Grand Master Antoine Fluvian …

8. St Athanasios' Gate

0.16 MILES

Watched over by a sturdy round tower, this is said to be the gate through which the conquering Ottoman sultan entered the city in 1522.