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Private tour in South Crete

Although Crete hosts one-quarter of Greece’s annual visitors, it’s still possible to escape the crowds by heading south. Thanks to the rugged mountains that stretch across much of the island’s spine, southern Crete remains a place apart.The southern mountains are dotted with tiny traditional villages, fantastic spots to buy hearty local olive oil and thyme honey and exotic beaches with crystal clear water.In this private tour the first stop around 10 am is the Kourtaliotiko canyon, where you will have a small walk until the small and lonely chapel of Agios Nikolaos inside the canyon.There is a place on the gorge, about 20 metres from the entrance in the north where "claps" can be heard, like hands coming together. These claps are the "kourtala" in cretan dialect, that gave the name to the gorge. These claps are a consequence of the wind being funnelled through the high caves of the gorge and breaking the sound barrier. The point near the northern entrance is the main point where this sound can be heard.Near the chapel there are one of the nicest attractions of the gorge, the springs of Kourtaliotis where if you are lucky enough you will find some herbs from the mountain that the locals leave for you to buy.The next destination is the coastal village of Plakias, a coastal village and a big crescent bay holding a fine beach between two immense wind tunnels, the gorges of Selia and Kourtaliotiko. Plakias is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south. The name in Greek means "flat" but the approach and coastline are quite mountainous and dramatic. In the village of Plakias you will meet Kostas, a local who owns a seaside shop and you will taste his fried ice-cream.Next stop is the exotic beach, Kalypso, an impressive natural park, where towering rocks form an important observation area in the centre of the Mediterranean as well as a hidden sea inlet, which used to be a pirate shelter 300 years ago. There you will have the opportunity to admire the natural construaction of this small gulf, walk on the towering rocks and watch the Lybian sea and dive from the cliffs into the turquoise water.Then it's lunch time in a traditional taverna in a small village Sellia, where you will taste cretan recipes and traditional drinks like raki, with the most amazing view of Plakias gulf and the Libyan sea.Finally the last visit is Spili, a village carved in the heart of the mountains where you will relax under the trees and the cooling and famous lion heads fountain.