Navarino Park


Lest you think anarchism is all about riots and squats: this is a reclaimed parking lot, which locals occupied and planted with greenery in 2009. It's still maintained by the neighbourhood, and flourishes with a creative playground, steadily growing fruit trees and, of course, street art.

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1. Alexandros Grigoropoulos Memorial

0.05 MILES

At the corner of Mesolongiou and Tzavella, note the memorial plaque for Alexis Grigoropoulos, whose 2008 murder by police was a political flashpoint…

2. No Land For the Poor Mural

0.12 MILES

Exarhia is so plastered with graffiti that spotting the better pieces of street art can be a challenge. However there is no missing this gigantic and…

3. Athens University

0.25 MILES

This splendid building was designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen and completed in 1864. Although the university has expanded massively around…

4. National Library

0.25 MILES

One of the neoclassical 'trilogy' of buildings on Panepistimio, the late-19th-century National Library is a dazzling design by Danish architect Theophil…

5. Athens Academy

0.29 MILES

This ornate building, completed in 1885 and modelled on Plato's Academy, is Greece's most prestigious research institution. It was designed by Theophil…

6. Athens Polytechnic

0.32 MILES

This university is infamous as the spot where the junta countered a student protest in 1973 by crashing in with a tank.

7. Koraï 4

0.33 MILES

When the German military occupied Athens in 1941, it requisitioned the Ethniki Insurance offices and for three years used the two-level basement as…

8. Epigraphical Museum

0.33 MILES

On the south side of the National Archaeological Museum, this is an important collection of Greek inscriptions, but the main halls' tersely labelled…