The tiny Nikolaikapelle enjoys mystical simplicity enlivened by a masterful altar painting attributed to 15th-century master Conrad von Soest (who, despite the name, was actually born in Dortmund).

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1. St Patrokli

0.06 MILES

Ponder the balance and beauty of the soaring and dignified tower of St Patrokli, a three-nave 10th-century Romanesque structure partly adorned with…

2. Petrikirche

0.11 MILES

Petrikirche has Romanesque origins in the 8th century and a choir from Gothic times, all topped by a baroque onion dome. It’s adorned with wall murals and…

3. St Maria zur Höhe


St Maria zur Höhe is a squat 13th-century hall church that's less architecturally refined than others in town. Its sombreness is brightened by beautiful…

4. St Maria zur Wiese

0.25 MILES

Close to the train station, this exquisite late-Gothic church is easily recognised by its neo-Gothic twin spires, which are undergoing restoration. One is…

5. Grünsandstein-Museum

0.31 MILES

The church of St Maria zur Wiese's restoration workshop operates this museum, where you can learn about the origin of Soest’s ethereal green stone.

6. Burg Altena

26.54 MILES

This fairy-tale medieval castle started out as the home of the local counts, then served military purposes under the Prussians before becoming, in 1912,…

7. Brauerei-Museum Dortmund

27.84 MILES

Dortmund is not only famous for its football team but also has a long tradition of beer-making. This museum is in the machine and production halls of the…

8. Reinoldikirche

27.94 MILES

Dating to 1280, the Reinoldi church is named after the city’s patron saint. As the story goes, after Reinold was martyred in Cologne, the carriage…