Enter Paderborn’s massive (104m long!) Gothic Dom through the southern portal (called ‘Paradise’) adorned with delicate carved figures. Inside, turn your attention to the high altar and the pompous memorial tomb of Dietrich von Fürstenberg, a 17th-century prince-bishop. Signs point the way to the Dom’s most endearing feature, the Dreihasenfenster, a trompe l’oeil window in the cloister with tracery depicting three hares, ingeniously arranged so that each has two ears, even though there are only three ears in all.

The hall-like crypt, one of the largest in Germany, contains the grave and relics of St Liborius, the city’s patron saint. A 4th-century priest in today's France, his remains were sent to Paderborn in the 8th century as a gift.

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1. Bartholomäuskapelle

0.04 MILES

Paderborn's most important house of worship is also its smallest. The twee Bartholomäuskapelle was consecrated in 1017 and is considered the oldest hall…

2. Museum in der Kaiserpfalz

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In the 1960s, archaeologists stumbled upon remnants of the Carolingian palace where Charlemagne met with Pope Leo III, as well as the much better…

3. Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum

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Outside the Dom, an incongruously modernist structure by Gottfried Böhm stands atop vestiges of a medieval bishop's palace and shelters prized church…

4. Carolingian Kaiserpfalz

0.05 MILES

Remnants of the foundation of Charlemagne's palace, built in the late 8th century, have been unearthed north of the Dom.

5. Abdinghofkirche

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The Abdinghofkirche is easily recognised by its twin towers. The foundation stone was laid in the 11th century as part of a Benedictine monastery in…

6. Rathaus

0.14 MILES

Paderborn’s proud Rathaus (1616) with ornate gables, oriels and other decorative touches, is typical of the Weser Renaissance architectural style.

7. Marktkirche


One of the finest baroque buildings in Paderborn, the Marktkirche was founded by Jesuits and consecrated in 1692. Inside this galleried basilica, your…

8. Marienplatz

0.21 MILES

Rathausplatz blends into Marienplatz with its delicate Mariensäule (St Mary’s Column) and Heising’sche Haus, an elaborate 17th-century patrician mansion…