This glacial cirque lake makes a beautiful splash on a vast tract of forest. Lore has it that a king and nymphs dwell in its inky depths – and indeed the lake is pure Grimms' fairy-tale stuff. You can pedal across it by boat or stroll its shores. Should you want to ramble further, you can hike 1.5km up to Hornisgrinde (1164m), the highest peak in these parts, commanding far-reaching views over the rippling Black Forest from its lookout tower.

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Nearby Schwarzwaldhochstrasse attractions

1. Wildgehege Breitenbrunnen

1.45 MILES

If wildlife encounters rank highly on your wish list, factor in a stop at this game reserve to come eye to eye with stags, roe deer and wild boar.

2. Ottenhöfen

3.17 MILES

As storybook Black Forest villages go, Ottenhöfen fits the bill nicely with its plethora of lovingly restored watermills (best explored on the 12km…

3. Mehliskopf

3.98 MILES

Rising 1007m, Mehliskopf's slopes attract families seeking low-key outdoor adventures. You can whiz downhill year-round on the bob run, picking up speeds…

4. Allerheiligen Wasserfälle

4.69 MILES

The 90m-high Allerheiligen Wasserfälle spill in silky threads over several cascades. From here, a short round-trip trail leads over bridges and up steps…

5. Nationalpark Schwarzwald

5.15 MILES

An outdoor wonderland of heather-speckled moors, glacial cirque lakes, deep valleys, mountains and near-untouched coniferous forest, the Black Forest…

6. Geroldsauer Wasserfälle

8.29 MILES

Word has it that German composer Brahms and French painter Courbet had a soft spot for these wispy falls, which plunge over mossy boulders into a green…

7. Kniebis

10.04 MILES

Serene and family-friendly, Kniebis backs onto a terrific landscape for all manner of outdoor activities – from hiking and biking to cross-country skiing…

8. Kloster Lichtenthal

10.5 MILES

Lichtentaler Allee concludes at the Kloster Lichtenthal, a Cistercian abbey founded in 1245, with an abbey church where generations of the margraves of…