Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten

Top choice in Schleswig-Holstein

Dedicated to the North Sea, this state-of-the-art ecological museum has multimedia exhibits that keep both kids and adults entertained (especially on rainy days). It's housed in a vivid blue wave-like building powered by renewable energy. Everyone enjoys the Seehund (seal) webcam.

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1. Uwe Dune

6.21 MILES

Stunning Uwe Dune, at 52.5m, is Sylt’s highest natural elevation. You can climb the wooden steps to the top for a 360-degree view over Sylt and, on a good…

2. Denghoog

6.99 MILES

Enter the 5000-year-old Denghoog, next to the town church, which measures 3m by 5m and is nearly 2m tall in parts. The outer walls consist of 12 stones…

3. Rømø Kirke

7.68 MILES

The 18th-century Rømø Church is on the main road in Kirkeby. It’s noted for its unique Greenlandic gravestones (lining the northern wall of the churchyard…

4. Altfriesisches Haus

8.95 MILES

The days before tourism are recalled in this 1739 house made from brick and thatch.

5. Naturcenter Tønnisgaard

9.51 MILES

This Rømø-based information and activity centre for the Wadden Sea National Park has exhibitions, plus family-friendly tour offerings depending on the…

6. Kommandørgården

11.17 MILES

The handsome thatched Kommandørgården, 1.5km north of the causeway, is the preserved home of one of Rømø’s 18th-century whaling captains. It stands as…

7. Møgeltønder Kirke

15.55 MILES

At the western end of Slotsgade is Møgeltønder Kirke, its lavish interior a feast for the senses. The Romanesque nave dates back to 1180 and the baptismal…

8. Schackenborg Slot

15.67 MILES

On the village's eastern edge is Schackenborg, a small castle from the late 17th century that was home to Queen Margrethe’s youngest son, Prince Joachim,…