Top choice in Southern Jutland

About 10km southwest of Ribe, VadehavsCentret is a top-notch information and activity centre and the best source of information about the park. Inside a beautiful new extension (built from reed thatch), there are exhibitions on the tides, flora and fauna of the national park. The information on migratory birds is superb.

The centre runs a calendar of seasonal tours that range from bird-watching and seal-spotting to mudflat walks and food foraging; some are designed for kids and families.

A five-hour oyster safari is 280kr (runs October to April); Sort Sol viewing is 75kr. Details and departure points are outlined on the website.

From the centre, there are tractor-buses running across the tidal flats at low tide to the small outlying island of Mandø.

Buses to the centre are limited (bus 411 from Ribe runs on school days only).

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