Holländisches Viertel


This picturesque cluster of 134 gabled red-brick houses was built around 1730 for Dutch workers invited to Potsdam by Friedrich Wilhelm I. The entire district has been done up beautifully and brims with galleries, boutiques, cafes and restaurants; Mittelstrasse is especially scenic. Further up Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse is the Nauener Tor (Nauen Gate, 1755), a fanciful city gate.

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Nearby Potsdam attractions

1. St Nikolai-Kirche

0.47 MILES

In Potsdam's historic centre, around the Alter Markt (old market), the great patina-green dome of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s neoclassical Nikolaikirche …

2. Alter Markt


Halfway between the Hauptbahnhof and the Altstadt, the Alter Markt is the site where Potsdam's settlement began. Under Frederick the Great, it evolved…

3. Museum Barberini

0.53 MILES

The original Barberini Palace was a baroque Roman palazzo commissioned by Frederick the Great and bombed to bits in World War II. Since January 2017, a…

4. Filmmuseum Potsdam

0.55 MILES

The permanent exhibit of this venerable yet completely updated film museum presents an engaging romp through the history of the UFA (one of the world's…

5. Alexandrowka

0.55 MILES

One of Potsdam's most unusual neighbourhoods, Alexandrowka is a Russian colony that was a gift from Friedrich Wilhelm III to his close friend Tsar…

6. Brandenburger Tor

0.58 MILES

The baroque Brandenburger Tor on Luisenplatz is the gateway to Potsdam's old town and was commissioned by Frederick the Great. A symbol of victory, it was…

7. Potsdamer Stadtschloss

0.59 MILES

One of Potsdam's newest landmarks is this replica of the 18th-century Prussian City Palace that was partly destroyed in WWII and completely removed by…

8. Marmorpalais

0.78 MILES

As the name suggests, the early-neoclassical Marmorpalais is a symphony in colourful marble on floors, walls, ceilings and fireplaces. The palace was…