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Famous throughout the former Soviet Union for its salty-sour, love-it-or-hate-it fizzy mineral water, Borjomi is a tranquil resort town surrounded by thickly forested hills in all directions. The 19th-century Russian governor of Georgia, Count Vorontsov, developed Borjomi as a resort after his soldiers discovered a health-giving mineral spring here in 1810, and it became a particularly fashionable one when Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov (brother to Tsar Alexander II) built a palace at nearby Likani in the 1890s.

Today the town of Borjomi is spread out along the the north of the river, while to the south is the resort area, home to Borjomi Central Park, which includes warm sulphur baths. Popular with Georgian and Russian holidaymakers and people visiting Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Borjomi is also a good jumping-off point for the cave city of Vardzia.

Top attractions

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