Plage de Tahiti


This famous nudist beach is also a naturally magnificent stretch of sandy beach, about 4km southeast of St-Tropez.

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1. Plage de Pampelonne

0.53 MILES

The 5km-long, celebrity-studded Plage de Pampelonne sports a line-up of exclusive beach restaurants and clubs in summer. Find public entries (and parking…

2. Sémaphore de Camarat


France’s second-tallest lighthouse by light-source (nearly 130m above the waves), is a squat, imposing tower completed in 1832. Electrified in 1946, it…

3. Place des Lices

2.58 MILES

St-Tropez’ legendary and very charming central square is studded with plane trees, cafes and pétanque players. Simply sitting on a cafe terrace watching…

4. Chapelle de la Miséricorde

2.66 MILES

Chapelle de la Miséricorde was built in 1645 in the Gambetta neighbourhood by the local confraternity of 'black penitents' (a quasi-official religious…

5. Citadelle de St-Tropez

2.68 MILES

Built in 1602 to defend the coast against Spain, the citadel dominates the hillside overlooking St-Tropez to the east. The views are fantastic, as are the…

6. Plage des Salins

2.72 MILES

Just east of St-Tropez, Plage des Salins is a 600m-wide pine-fringed beach at the southern foot of Cap des Salins. At the northern end of the beach, on a…

7. Vieux Port

2.73 MILES

Yachts line the harbour (as their uniformed crews diligently scrub them) and visitors stroll the quays at the picturesque old port. In front of the sable…

8. Bailli de Suffren Statue

2.73 MILES

A cast from a 19th-century cannon peers out to sea here. The bailli (bailiff), Pierre André de Suffren (1729–88), was a sailor who fought with a Tropezien…