Citadelle de St-Tropez

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Built in 1602 to defend the coast against Spain, the citadel dominates the hillside overlooking St-Tropez to the east. The views are fantastic, as are the exotic peacocks wandering the grounds. Its dungeons are home to the excellent Musée de l’Histoire Maritime, an interactive museum that traces the history of humans at sea through fishing, trading, exploration, travel and the navy. The particular focus, of course, is Tropezienne and Provençal seafarers.

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1. Chapelle de la Miséricorde


Chapelle de la Miséricorde was built in 1645 in the Gambetta neighbourhood by the local confraternity of 'black penitents' (a quasi-official religious…

2. Église de St-Tropez

0.22 MILES

Sweet-chiming Église de St-Tropez is a quintessential St-Trop landmark, commenced in Italian baroque style in the 17th century, but not completed until…

3. La Ponche

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Shrug off the hustle of the port in St-Tropez’ historic fishing quarter, La Ponche, northeast of the Vieux Port. From the southern end of quai Frédéric…

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5. Tour Suffren

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6. Bailli de Suffren Statue

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A cast from a 19th-century cannon peers out to sea here. The bailli (bailiff), Pierre André de Suffren (1729–88), was a sailor who fought with a Tropezien…

7. Vieux Port


Yachts line the harbour (as their uniformed crews diligently scrub them) and visitors stroll the quays at the picturesque old port. In front of the sable…

8. Musée de l’Annonciade

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In a gracefully converted 16th-century chapel, this small but famous museum showcases an impressive collection of modern art infused with that legendary…