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On land, there's just as much to do. Architecture buffs from around the globe make the pilgrimage here to visit Alvar Aalto's buildings, opera aficionados arrive en masse to attend the world-famous Savonlinna Opera Festival and outdoor enthusiasts shoulder their packs and set out to hike through tranquil forests of spruce, birch and pine. And at the end of active days, there are always saunas to relax in.

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Tammisaari Archipelago Private Boat Tour

During the archipelago tour you will drive along the narrow island routes with varying degrees of speed. You get to admire the genuine nature with various kinds of birds, old fishing facilities, fences, as well as the archipelago of modern construction.If you are are in luck, you can even see a seal rise to the surface in the vicinity of the boat or the white-tailed eagle soar above the boat. During the trip you can go ashore to admire the small islet of nature and enjoy some snacks. The tour route and duration will vary depending on the weather.Trip can hold up to the maximum of four people.

$183.18 Outdoor Activities

Hunting Northern Lights by Snowmobiles

On this tour we learn to drive snowmobiles and drive in the dark wilderness finally reaching a tepee / hut. We make a fire and enjoy warm beverages and barbeque snacks while watching the sky. The guide explains all about Northern Lights and the old mythology. The appearance of the lights is not guaranteed but they are visible in about 90 % of the clear sky evenings. Also the arctic starry sky is very beautiful. Spot the Big Bear and Polar Star, Northern Lights often appear just under the Polar Star. Listen to the stories about local life and nature by living fire.Our Northern Lights trip has got excellent feedbacks already for years. This is because our Northern Lights spotting place is the best possible place where are no other lights at all, northern sky is fully open and thanks of the local micro climate the weather is often clear even if it is cloudy or foggy elsewhere. By our long experience the right hours to be out there is 11-12 PM. Anyway you need some luck to see the lights and it is unpredictable even during the trip! Great surprises happen!Why to book our organized trip? During this tour the northern horizon is all visible and absolutely dark that is very important in Aurora hunting. This trip offers a great chance for taking pictures of Northern lights in the middle of beautiful arctic nature. Please also check the tour reviews on our TripAdvisor pages and join us – the Aurora experts!

$114.06 Outdoor Activities

Auroras Northern Lights by Car and on Foot (photographing tour)

The visibility of Northern lights depends for example on the weather and activity of the Sun, but this trip is to offer you the best chance to see the lights on the best possible location in Ivalo – Saariselka area.The site is absolute dark site far from the village lights and hotels. This is important because most of the lights are relatively phaint so in absolute darkness you will see much more.The site also has got a great micro climate which means that even if it is foggy on Inari lake or Saariselka fells the sky might be clear on our site.The longer you stay the more you see. This is why our tour is relatively long. The best hour to see the lights is just before the midnight but the best lights may appear whenever. On the way to the site we stop the car even several times if needed and follow the lights.During this tour we also spend nice time in a tepee on the best possible site for following the sky and barbeque something to eat for all tastes and diets.We will also advice you in taking pictures and we will make pictures ourselves which we share with you from our cloud service.

$91.02 Outdoor Activities

Learn Some Skiing

This trip is a great opportunity to take nature pictures and with some luck you may also see footprints of wild animals or even animals themselves. You may try sliding on even surface as well as down slopes. Warm beverages and snacks are offered during this trip. Great fun for all!Two starts a day: At 10 AM and 2 PM.Created in the 19th century, the cross-country skiing is really popular in Northern Europe countries and is part of Nordic skiing sports. Often used by explorers as a mean of transport, it is now a recreational activity, most frequently known as touring. From extended periods using tents to relatively short trips on maintained trails, cross-country skiing is also considered as competition, contested for first time at the Winter Olympic Games in 1924.

$160.14 Outdoor Activities

Snowshoe Trip for Ice Fishing in Ivalo

During this trip you will also experience the arctic way of fishing. Try it with a local guide on a beautiful arctic lake or river. Introduction to ice fishing, drilling holes and moving on the ice. Tricks of fishing and attracting fishes under the ice. Also enjoy a light lunch prepared by open fire.Historians believe the origin of the snowshoe dates back to 2000 BC or 4000 BC. The invention of the snowshoe has been inspired by the animals like snowshoe hares who have oversized feet enabling them to move more quickly through deep snow. Snowshoes were an essential tool for fur traders and trappers to be able to get around areas inaccessible to motorized vehicles when the snow is deep. Today, snowshoes are mostly used by hikers and runners for recreation.

$88.71 Day Trips & Excursions

Lapland Amethyst Mine Sleigh or Snowmobile Tour from Luosto

Book your preferred tour option, choosing to ride on a snowmobile-pulled sleigh or on your own, or shared, 2-seater snowmobile to and from the amethyst mine. Then, when the time comes, make your own way to the starting point in central Luosto. Meet your friendly guide and receive a safety briefing on the journey ahead. If you have chosen to ride a snowmobile, don your supplied helmet and get instructions on driving your vehicle. Then, board your sleigh or snowmobile and set off through the snow. Breathe in the icy air as you swoosh through the pine forests and fells of the stunning Pyhä-Luosto National Park. If you’ve chosen to ride a 2-seater snowmobile, take turns driving and riding pillion as you wish.After around 30 minutes, arrive at the felltop amethyst mine and ogle the breathtaking, 360-degree views over the park’s frozen forests. Take photos and then head inside the cozy wooden huts of the mine camp.Warm up with a hot berry juice and enjoy an introduction to the mine and its amethysts. Learn about the geology of the site and the stones found here, and hear fascinating facts about the properties and reputed powers of these gorgeous, violet-colored variations of quartz.Descend the wooden steps into the open mine, and use a small pickax to dig and scrape through the loose rocks for your own amethyst stone. Kids will love the adventure and you can keep one of any of the stones you find as a souvenir.Afterward, visit the small, onsite mine shop and enjoy your scenic snowmobile or sleigh ride back to Luosto.

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