Icebreaker Fleet


This impressively functional posse of around six heavy-duty ships is moored off the northern side of Katajanokka island.

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1. Merikasarmi

0.12 MILES

Architect CL Engel designed these naval barracks for the Russian military garrisoned here from 1816 to 1820 – the first of his many works in Helsinki. The…

2. Tervasaari

0.35 MILES

Reached by a causeway, Tar Island (named for the warehouses that safely stored flammable Finnish tar here prior to export) is now a landscaped park with…

3. Uspenskin Katedraali

0.48 MILES

The eye-catching red-brick Uspenski Cathedral towers above Katajanokka island. Built as a Russian Orthodox church in 1868, it features classic golden…

4. Presidentinlinna

0.61 MILES

Overlooking the kauppatori, the striking neoclassical Presidentinlinna was designed by CL Engel and is one of the head of state's official residences. The…

5. Helsinki Zoo

0.63 MILES

Helsinki's leafy zoo occupies the entire island of Korkeasaari. Established in 1889 it has 150 animal species and 1000 plant species from Finland and…

6. Kauppatori

0.67 MILES

The heart of central Helsinki is the harbourside kauppatori (market square), where cruises and ferries leave for archipelago islands. It's completely…

7. Reflections

0.69 MILES

Made from glass plates set between polished aluminium, this 1977 sculpture by Helsinki artist Risto Salonen (1945–2001) stands on the Merihaka waterfront…

8. Ruiskumestarin talo

0.73 MILES

Mustard-coloured Ruiskumestarin talo is central Helsinki’s oldest wooden townhouse, built in 1818. The charming cottage, with hardwood floors, fireplaces…